What can we do for you!

Everything for yesterday sir? But, of course, what are you waiting for!

People are increasingly in a hurry, they want less talk, less eye contact, they have formed opinions, distant from what really matters, thinking they are doing what matters.

Yes, it may seem confusing or simple, however think! You talk to everyone online, but how many of those people do you talk to as you would personally, sincerely, love the words? Here at Hilê we value the trust of the handshake, eye to eye, credibility. Even if we don’t know each other personally, we take it very seriously at every stage of our operation! And to achieve this, we have engaged employees, who carry out our purpose, making sure that whoever wins is you! Next, I’ll show you a little of our internal process and what you can count on to have your line of supplements.


commercial department

Hilê’s consultants are prepared to meet your needs, understanding that it is a dream come true, they always seek to make this experience positive. For this, they offer guidance on trademark registration, exclusive projects for greater profitability, in addition to post-sales, after all it is a cycle and details make the difference. Marketing and Design Agency- This is where we turn your ideas into personalized products. The visual identity of your brand is essential for a good positioning in the market. For this reason, we have specialized professionals who develop graphic material, layouts, labels and packaging according to your strategy.


Regulatory Affairs

Responsible for regularizing our products with ANVISA, this sector has specialized professionals who manage the registration process and the communication of new products. The labeling is reviewed by our team in order to ensure compliance with current legislation, aiming at total safety of customers with the competent bodies. Laboratories and Quality – The company follows strict quality standards, meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the needs of customers. It has a large Quality Control Laboratory, in addition to the Research & Development, Microbiological and Physical Chemical Analysis laboratories.


Custom Formulations

We provide customized formulations for your product line. This elevates our client to a level of exclusivity in the market, valuing ingredients that meet the needs of the market in which your brand is inserted.


Differentials and exclusives

We have national and international partnerships with major brands of raw materials and make them available to our customers, generating high quality products and added value.



Filling ways

We provide our customers with several packaging presentations for our encapsulated, teas and soluble products. Among them: blister, sachets, wraps and various models of lids, pots and cans.


Flexographic Printing

Hilê has a graphic arts department with flexographic printers, in order to serve our client more quickly, effectively and with high quality. We offer the printing of customized materials for the production of packaging, stickers, labels and wraps.


Input sales

We have a diverse range of inputs for the Pharma and Industrial lines. We have supplies for handling pharmacies, as well as bulk raw materials available in small and large quantities with excellent cost-benefit. And do you know what can be even better than having all this structure, product quality, qualified professionals? The intangible factors that we deliver, those that are difficult to trust, because they are not quality tests that will prove their effectiveness. These are attitudes that positively surprise you, this makes us different. I would like to invite you to know a little more than we can offer you , a new path, even more charming for you to fulfill all your dreams and leverage your business.

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What can we do for you!

Everything for yesterday sir? But, of course, what are you waiting for! People are increasingly in a hurry, they want less talk, less eye contact,

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