Beauty clinics and gyms

See how to increase your business with nutraceutics and Sport Nutrition.

See how to increase your business with nutraceutics and Sport Nutrition.

It is important to be updated to grow on this field. Hilê works with franchising, Beauty Clinics and follows the latest tendency on nutri-cosmetics to help you develop your own products and increase your profits helping people to live better.

Esthetic treatment is linked to nutri-cosmetic and it acts from inside to outside helping the whole process. It intensifies the results and makes the perfect-body balance easier.

According to ABC Spas, when it comes to appearance, both men and women are interested and this increases the number of clients to the brand.

Did you know that the beauty field grew 10% in 2019 and got R$ 107 billion? This shows that this field is growing, mainly in Brazil.

This is a great opportunity to your business!

This is the moment to start a successful business – to develop your own brand of nutri-cosmetics or increase the portfolio with ingredients that are growing in the market.

Invest in nutria cosmetics and nutraceutics that offer health, fitness, wellbeing and beauty through tea, capsule and water-soluble products bring profit and visibility to your brand. Hilê is your partner and has a well-planned project to your business – just what you are looking for.

Check the benefits to be with us and start your success with the tendency to Beauty Clinics and Gym.



We have experts, pharmacists, nutritionist and technicians that concern on your business and we develop projects with different formulation to increase your brand and profits. We offer quality in our service, expert workers and cost reduction when you become a Hilê Outsourcing partner.

The best products to sell in beauty clinics and gyms

We have a great variety of different formulation made according to your needs and interests, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen II, cranberry, coenzima Q 10 among others. Our nutri-cosmetic products are registered in the Brazilian Health Department and follow ANVISA standard. Our Special Line is also something that makes our company different. Gluten and lactose free, and we offer vegan products to your own brand.

Excellent results and aesthetic products and equipment

Having your own nutri-cosmetic line may bring you profit, visibility, and great results to your clients. This is due to the raw material quality used in the formulation Hilê, because we offer functional products with imported raw material that are strictly analyzed before production.

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