5 steps to open a successful business

For many people, it is common to start adulthood with the dream of being an
entrepreneur, having a successful business of their own, achieving financial freedom and actually being the
leader of a company.

Some certainly make this dream come true, others get lost on the way, many tend to go for the most comfortable. None is right or wrong, it all depends on style, personality and personal characteristics.

But, if you have decided to be an entrepreneur, or are preparing yourself for this path, you must stay connected in a few steps, which are the principle of all good business.

Step 1

In this first step, you need to have an entrepreneurial vision, understand what is happening in the macro and micro market scenario, conducting a survey, which aims to map the main trends. However, as everything is so busy, nowadays there are already several professionals who do this for you, so if you already have a segment that attracts you, they can do research and show you if it is advantageous or not, however, if you don’t know the path your business will take, you can hire a trend capture service. But in any case it is very important to have this report to proceed.


Step 2

The second step is to set up a successful business plan, this aims to plan all the main points that your company needs to have, for example, market segment that will be inserted, location of the point of sale, where you will distribute your products , suppliers, launch strategy, offline and online media strategies, among other topics depending on the segment. But, remembering, there are also professionals who do this for you, it is clear that as the business owner, you need to be present and pass on all possible information, to get out of the best way possible.


Step 3

After defining the segment and resolving all threads, it’s time to think about the company name and the CNPJ opening. At this time, it is time to hire an accounting firm to assist in these processes of opening your business. Remember, choose a name that makes sense for your business and has a market presence.


Step 4

Everything regularized is time to think about suppliers, always prioritize those who deliver quality products, payment terms or advantages in sight and agility in delivery, so that you always have products on the shelves, or to supply your partners.


Step 5

Currently, most brands have a strong presence on the internet, as they understand or are understanding the importance of being connected. Well, a fact is that those who are not in digital media, can be forgotten, and have a decline in their sales. Here, the importance of having a digital marketing plan is outlined, to create brand awareness and strategies that leverage your business, always generating relevant content for users.


These are some steps, to be followed, so that your dream of having a successful business is realized.

If you still have questions, if it is worth investing in a company, you can check out this article we did to help you.

Now, if you have already decided, and if your choice was food supplements, one of the fastest growing markets in Brazil, we can help you, click on the link that will direct you to the entrepreneur’s journey.

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