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Our partners are registered in the respective departments to prove their efficiency and this allows us to make high performance formula to the well-being and life quality.


Natural ingredient that gives support to health and wellbeing, raising the body immunity. This is because it is a beta-glucano of natural yeast, market leader and helps strengthen the immunologic system. It can be added to food, beverage and supplement. Wellmune lets the body works well.


PEPTIDEOS OF COLLAGEN PEPTAN (type 1). This means they are similar to the collagen found in our bones and skin. Peptan is a bio-active natural product with high purity and over 97% protein (dry weight). It offers lots of benefits to health such as joints, bones, muscles and skin. It is easy to dissolve.

Phase 2

Phaseolus vulgaris is a clinically proven ingredient that helps absorbing calories in the body. It works on metabolic process to control weight and helps reducing carbohydrate and fat absorption. It is proven to help lose weight and abdominal circumference, reduce O PICO PÓS PRANDIAL in the glucose levels and may be used in lots of products with the same efficiency, texture and taste.


Bodybalance Collagen is made of PEPTIDEOS BIOATIVOS of collagen with proven result. Technology Gelita. Along with physical activities, the use of Bodybalance helps reducing the body fat, the increase of lean mass, muscular strength and resistance. It is proven that 15g of Bodybalance is efficient in the gain lean mass and body fat reduction.


This collagen is the only one that contains PEPTIDEOS BIOATIVOS specific to the skin cells. The wrinkles get better with more elasticity and skin hydration. It can slow down ageing, softening wrinkles and contributing to the elasticity and skin strength. Thus, the skin ageing slows down. The consumption of 2.5 Verisol daily can stimulate the skin collagen metabolism and the results are observed inside out.


They are vegetarian KO and Kosher Halal and Vegetarian and Vegan Action Society accreditation The Vcaps capsules are recognized by the project NON?? OGM and it is gluten and preservative free – a clean label product.

Nutek Salt

It is a revolutionary salt for food and foster health and wellbeing because it is naturally obtained, has a good taste and it is easy to use. Using potassium chloride from North America with crystal technology, it is possible to substitute the regular potassium chloride, regular salt and does not interfere in the taste or functionality in a low cost.

Haplex Plus

It is a hyaluronic acid for food developed by Bloomage Biotech and produced through fermentation and according to the strictest rules. The hyaluronic acid is one of the most hydrophilic molecule found in the nature and it works as a molecule sponge. It is able to nourish the skin intrinsically, making it more elastic and reducing the wrinkles appearance as well as lubricating the joints.