Botta Group has been working on this field for over 20 years. The head office is in Xanxere, SC. Hilê Outsourcing started working on tea production and has more than 200 items (capsule, water soluble products, tea, flour, weight control shake, nutraceutics, proteins and others food supplement. We outsource products and develop packaging to more than 150 brands in Brazil and abroad due to our credibility, quality of products and services.


10,000 m² area, Hilê Outsourcing is a growing factory and our daily production is over 8,000 quick pots, 24,000 capsules and over 25,000 tea bags. The industry production has the latest machines and equipment following the Brazilian system and legislation. The company follows the quality and functional rules in all steps of production, stocking and shipping as well as purity standard, raw material hygiene to a quality product.